Follow-Your-Heart-But-Take-Your-Brain-With-You-Advice-Quote1The Ronaldo and messi fans always compare the football Icons.

The Davido and Wizkid fans before now have always compared the duo.

It is not really predicated on who is better, but the burning passion to in the words of Tu face idibia

“Keep on keeping on”.

For Ronaldo and Messi, If they will be honest to themselves, they both inspire each other. Ronaldo wishes to do better, and Messi also wishes to attain greater heights making the Football icon aspire and do greater exploit.

Neither Ronaldo nor messi knew they would attain this height in the world of sports. Sometimes I wonder why it has always been the both of them year in year out. But then I realized that, to be a great person, you need to be better than someone who is better than others. Pele and Maradonna never knew a time will come in life when persons in the history of football will be greater and richer and even more famous than the both of them put together.

Messi has won for himself a lot, because he has always wished to be greater than someone maybe not ronaldo, but someone whom he has always looked up to as a role model. What keeps the vibes going on are the fans of this two “MessiRonaldo” and each time I go to a viewing centre to see a match I get carried away not by the on going match but by the words most fans use on this duo.

Let us talk about Wizkid and Davido. Before now, Nigerian music lovers has seen, heard, felt the impact of the fuse (Rift) that transpired between Davido and Wizzy. People take sides without finding out the real reason for the trouble or problem as they call it. I have taken my time to examine the whole thing and I tell you, the problem that existed between Davido (OBO) the HKN boss and Wizkid (WIZZY) the STARBOY Boss boosted their music career, and any height they have attained today, one cannot dispute the fact that somehow, they both helped each other climb the ladder of success.

Education; What encourages students be it male or female, is not how fanciful their shoes, clothes, gadgets are, but what plays a huge role in bringing out the best in them, is competition and reward. To be honest with the system very few student care about their results, provided they pass even with a low grade, they don’t mind. But it is imperative to know that a student tends to push harder educationally if he knows that the friends around him are all doing well in class. The adage, “Birds of a feather” is very significant here. According to my mother, identify with the three wise men, and you will be the fourth wise man amongst them. It is sacrosanct to understanding oneself, what is to be done and when it is to be done. Let no man deceive you, you are the architect of your own failure. Any man who understands himself gets it right at all time.

FRIENDS; people say understanding and knowing your peers makes part of what you become, I concur to that assertion. The word “FRIEND” ends with the word “END” which means, a friend can make you, and can also maim you. A means to an end is what I call friends. It is either they change you, or they exchange you.



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